Wednesday, February 28, 2007

So, where are things now?

I will be surfacing over the next few days to do my annual posts from and about the Los Angeles Religious Education Congress (generally known as LA RE Congress, or just Anaheim). I didn't make it last year due to work conflicts, but I'm back this time.

Which brings up an interesting point. The reason for my availablility is that I am between jobs at the moment, to put it simply. Up until last October I was the database administrator for a large food processor -- we decided to part ways amicably by mutual agreement. (They are a good bunch and treated me rather well on the way out.) I have done some limited job hunting since then, and gotten a lot of rest, which I needed. Once again, I burned out. Lots of healing going on around here, which involves sleeping regularly and doing a lot of the cooking.

I have been rather busy though. The moment I realized that my last gig was ending, it was clear that just sitting about would not work. My work with adult education in our parish had already led to my taking a leadership role there, and I had proposed an interesting project at the detention facility that I volunteer at. (Maybe more about that at another time, but maybe not. Security and privacy issues combine in interesting ways.) Also, we have been rather blessed with a good financial situation currently, so panic has not set in yet. There have been nibbles from recruiters but no offers as yet.

Which brings me to the interesting part of heading to RE Congress. I have not been in much doubt for the past year or two that God is pulling me into more and more substantial ministry. Things are now becoming a bit clearer as to what that work might be. It appears that I have completed the diocesan requirements for Master Catechist and am working on the documentation for that. I don't do kids -- I have no talent for working with children. It appears from some recent experience that adult catechesis is part of the picture, as well as detention ministry work. What we are praying about now is whether this is the time to move in that direction full time. It will put a rather different spin on Congress this time.

More later.