Wednesday, December 11, 2002

Always something new

Ever since I stopped commuting to the Bay Area I have been able to spend more time on some of the small country roads out here in the San Joaquin Valley -- generally trying to find an alternate way to work. I love these roads and the strange and wacky things you find.

Growing up in Louisiana and Oklahoma (among other places) I saw a lot of cattle growing up. Passing by dairies around here is no surprise -- this is where much of the milk in California is now produced. But I was surprised to see a number of goat farms in the area until I saw a good sized goat milk facility in a nearby town.

On the way to work today I passed a field that I see everyday. But looming through the fog this morning was ostriches. Yeah I know that the market for ostrich meat is growing, and the skins can be worth a lot, but the those long necks stretched to peer through the fence made me think I was in a science fiction movie.

It's always something.

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