Monday, November 12, 2007

Quote: Leonard Sweet

Q: The concept that seems to be gaining traction within North American Christendom is a call for the church to become "missional." What does a missional church look like?

A: I believe the primary mode of the church today is "attractional" rather than "missional." The Bible says Jesus "sent them out" (Mark 6:7). A "missional" church is a GOOD Church, where GOOD means Get Out Of Doors. A GOOD church is not one where people are trying to "live in" the gospel so much as "live out" the gospel.

Just as the early church was shaped by mission, so must we be shaped by mission.
  • An attractional church is focused on the word "come" ; a missional church is focused on the word "go."
  • An attractional church tries to invite people in; a missional church tries to interact with people where they are.
  • An attractional church is fixated on increased market share; a missional church is obsessed with increased world presence.
From Canadian Baptist

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