Saturday, December 24, 2005

The once and future blog

I have had a hard time working on what to say in this post. It is the first post, but it isn't the first post, in a way. While I have moved to this space on Blogspot, I did blog for four to five years on, until they shut that down at the end of 2005. That site was One Pilgrim's Walk, a name that I first used on a tiny Netcom user website. I had a good experience with Manila and the folks at UserLand, and am nothing but grateful for the free ride.

But a variety of changes in my life have brought me to look over much of what I had been doing, and the intent that I had for the blog. It started mostly as a technical experiment, and then a brief attempt at pundithood. I got to find out that I don't have the spleen to be an angry ranter, and I am a slow and private writer with limits on my time, so trying to wallpaper the internet with complete coverage of something was not going to work.

So I am combining the move with a change of name. So this is not my first post, but it is the first post as well. As I manage to decipher the backup file from my old site, I will be posting some of my older material under the original date, so a bit of the history will survive. (And some will, thankfully, disappear.)

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