Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Hmmm . . . Time to buy

For some reason yesterday, I flipped by the site for The Atlantic magazine and found that the top article was "The Year of Two Popes" by Paul Elie (of The Life You Save May Be Your Own). Of course, most of the test was behind the pay wall, and I noted that this might be worth a trip to B&N Saturday (I still have a gift card from Christmas burning a hole in my wallet).

Rocco at Whispers in the Loggia thinks that would be a good idea:

Run out of your house, find the closest high-brow newsstand or B&N, and buy it. It's worth the five bucks. Don't walk -- RUN.

I was forwarded the text earlier and have gotten numerable e.mails about it since. And it just shines, it sings -- Allen smokes, the Romans spin and even the Amato Papa Roberto Mickens gets a word in edgewise. Elie's dead-on with his analysis, mostly as he's saying a lot of things I've been saying for months. (After all, who compared CDF and Stato to the Red Sox and the Yankees last 29 June? You're welcome. And I did it for free.)

Yep, Rocco is definitely an acquired taste, but I have acquired it. Looks like a copy of The Atlantic is in my immediate future.

Update: Stopped by the B&N on the way to an appointment -- the December issue is still on sale. Sigh. Maybe Saturday . . .

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