Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Technical Progress

Well, it has been a couple of weeks since the last technical post, so it's time to review to to-do list

  • Clean up CSS for the right hand column, especially the bloglines section - largely done;
  • Add the proper doctype, style, and script type attributes so that the W3C validator utilities have a chance to figure out what's wrong - done;
  • Bring up to validated HTML 4.0 Transitional at the minimum - validated XHTML would be better - still working on the blogger meta tags and their effect on this;
  • Bring up to validated CSS - not there yet;
  • Add Google search - ditto;
  • Rethink the various sections to provide a better Archives display page - ditto again (I'm thinking of making it a single column, more printer friendly page);
  • Consider adding one of the calendar or category display hacks that are floating around - categories are in, driven by del.icio.us -- still shopping on calendar hack
I also have some of the old links back there on the right, but I'm still working out the formatting.

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