Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Before we get started

OK, some ground rules. Not just for me, but for you as well.

More than two years ago, I posted that I was going to reduce, if not stop, my blogging becausez of a new job, working for the the Diocese of Fresno. At that time I shared one of my concerns:

One thing that does not appear on the Office of Ministries web page, but is on my formal job description, is that work to see that detention ministry policy set by the bishop of Fresno is followed. I have had policy jobs before, and one reality is that some people find it hard to make a distinction between your opinions and the policies you support, especially when public statements are involved. And there are few things quite so subversively public as a blog. Also, the amount of confidential information involved is challenging. We need to protect people's privacy, whether in or outside of prison, and there are questions of personal security involved.
All this is still true and limits what I will post.

I am not speaking for the diocese or any other part of the Catholic Church other than myself. I am a layman with a philosophy degree (from quite a while ago) and some formation in ministry. The rule for me is to make clear what I am not, and the rule for you is not to take my remarks too seriously.

Of course I can't stop you if you do, but you have been warned.

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