Friday, February 03, 2006

OK, Kelly, I'm It

Kelly Clark from The Lady in the Pew just tagged me with the "4 things" meme. I am sort of cheating, as I posted this over on Making Light on Christmas Eve. But only sort of, as I never posted it on my own blog.

  • 4 jobs: Dishwasher/fry cook; assembly line worker (aluminum windows and doors); radio news director; database programmer.
  • 4 movies: The Shawshank Redemption; Babettes gastebud; Shichinin no samurai; The Thing from Another World (Hawks).
  • 4 places I've lived: Bossier City, LA; Oscoda, MI; Wiesbaden, Germany; Merced, CA.
  • 4 TV shows: Good Eats; Iron Chef America; TCM; little else.
  • 4 places I've been on vacation: London; Yosemite; southeast Alaska; Seattle.
  • 4 websites I visit daily: Making Light; SFGate; Wikipedia; Whispers in the Loggia.
  • 4 of my favorite foods: chili; Minneola tangelos; freshly baked bread; strawberries.
  • 4 places I'd rather be: New Camaldoli Hermitage, Big Sur; Seattle; Yosemite; Bartlesville, OK.
Kelly has been a friend on the net for over a decade and has supported me with a lot of prayer and encouragement over the years. A very classy lady in the pew indeed. I'll update this later when I figure out who to tag.

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